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“An epitome of grace, composure and technique, that’s what Iqra is. I have attended her sessions and the results that I experienced have made me believe that therapy from the right person is key. Undoubtedly, with her expertise and handling, Iqra Reza with her mindfulness and calm manages to heal all those who reach out to her for improving their mental health.
Sahar Kashif
Deputy Head and FS Teacher
“I contacted Iqra Reza after taking time off work due to work stress which had severely incapacitated me. At that time, I was unable to think clearly. She helped me re-evaluate what was important to me and whether I was willing to make the sacrifices needed to achieve what I wished to do with my working life. She is an amazing person and a great life coach.
Abeeba Mamoon
Makeup Artist, Dubai
My sessions with Iqra were extremely emotional and heavy, but I came out of them feeling so much lighter and happier. The person I was when I walked into her house on the first day to the person I am now feels different. I can confide in her without worrying about her ever judging me. Cannot wait for my next session ❤”
Creative Designer at Social Lite
“Iqra is an amazing person! It was a wonderful experience the way she handled my case of anxiety by only giving three sessions. Alhamdulilah, I am perfectly fine as 0% of any anxiety exists in my body. I will highly recommend or refer people to Iqra as she can handle cases with the highest level of professionalism and with perfection.”
Muddassir Ahmed Khan
VP, Health Underwriting, Union Insurance Company
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“Inner child healing was truly a unique and revealing experience, which helped me understand the real deep-rooted causes behind of most of my issues. Iqra has a true gift of helping you connect with your inner self and making you stronger as well as self-sufficient to deal, address and finally put your life back on track. Strongly recommended and worth a visit.”
Shahid Rashid
“Words cannot express how grateful I am for your kindness and support. You may never realise how helpful you have been. Every time I needed help, you were there at exactly the right time in the right way. Thank you so much for all the positive energy you transfer every time I have a session with you.”
Nida Rehman
Makeup Artist and Mother
“It’s been so lovely speaking to Iqra; she’s really good at what she does. I always feel the best after speaking with her. I feel like I can accomplish anything and she’s always so positive which always makes me feel the same. So happy and grateful to have met her.”
Makeup Artist, Dubai
“Iqra’s kind and sweet nature is what keeps me coming back to her. She’s always created a safe space for me to feel comfortable in and has helped me feel empowered, familiar and comfortable with who I am.”
Zahrah Omar
Life Coach
“Iqra has always been a highly motivated individual and has excelled in different fields of arts and crafts and, in the past few years, she has found her true calling in mental health. Her empathy and keenness to take care of people reflects in her work and she gets involved with all her clients and projects to ensure that no one goes back empty handed.”
Omar Nawaz
Iqra’s Brother
“I am very proud of my eldest daughter Iqra, who has excelled as a mother, therapist and most importantly, a human being. All my prayers and best wishes are with her. May she continue being a source of healing towards other people. I look forward to reading and connecting with Iqra’s book.”
Samira Habib
Iqra’s Mother
“Inner Child? Really? Little did I know she needed to be heard. I am grateful to Iqra, I have the courage to be myself again. She gave that child who was waiting anxiously for love, hugs and some answers, a voice. This is the best gift I have given myself with Iqra’s help so the adult me can lead a better life.”
Graphic Designer at MBC Media Solutions
“It gives me great pleasure to pencil these few lines on the auspicious occasion of the debut book written by my daughter Iqra. With her empirical experiences, she has authored this book in a simple yet meaningful manner to edify inquisitive minds. She serves humankind and shines like the brightest of stars.”
Habib Nawaz
CEO, M E Trade and Iqra's Father
“Identifying the inner child made me recognise the unspoken badge of courage that my inner self possessed. I still remember her words, “... you may have a more grown-up body and more life experience but you are every bit as precious. Love yourself as you are the most precious thing in the world.”
Fatiha Tiwana

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