Frequently Asked Questions

My Background

I am licensed and certified.

My Services

I specialise in therapy especially for those who have never had it before. I have helped many other people who were just like you who asked the same question, wondering if these (or any) form of therapy was right for them. If you’ve experienced any of the issues I describe in your life, get in touch with me to see how I can help you.

I do! I offer a free 15 minute consultation for my clients. Click here to schedule a complimentary session with me.

I offer my courses both online and onsite so clients have access to me any where in the world. Click here to schedule a complimentary session with me to find out how I can work with you.

During Therapy

Yes. After the case intake, I work with you to suggest and educate you about various different interventions that will be the most beneficial for you.

I offer a wide range of trainings. I teach hypnotherapy level 1, family constellation therapy, and Chakra healing. I also have my Heal, learn, transform self-transformation course, an intensive inner child healing, and lot of holistic approaches to heal your blocks. Get in touch with me to find out what I can offer you.

Absolutely not! Your comfort and safety is of paramount importance to me. You are always in control of your faculties during your sessions me.

No – you are always in complete control of what you choose to say and how you interact with me. My therapy focuses on guiding you and bringing out the right responses from you to facilitate healing.

Still have questions? I can help.