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Amidst all the chaos and busyness of lives, and the unexpected turns of events sometimes, you tend to lose track of where you are going. In the process, you evade the connection with who you really are. In times like these, it is important to connect with your inner child and learn to truly create your new journey filled with happiness and prosperity.

Through this book, Iqra helps everyone – especially those hesitant to seek therapy yet looking to evolve their self – learn and understand the concept of inner child healing and gain an insight into how their childhood traumas have affected their adult life.

Iqra uses her knowledge along with a personal journal to guide you through the path of self-healing by helping you connect with yourself. By the end of this book, you will be able to reconnect with your natural resources.


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Why Should You Read My Book?

Learn how to create true prosperity and reconnect with who you are

Tap into your hidden natural resources and gain balance

Get help even if you were unsure of getting results before

Gain insight into how your past is affecting your present and future

Guide yourself away from pain and get on the path to self-healing

Uncover traumas you may not even know that you had

Break past the chaos and busyness of life towards peace and freedom

Learn the true meaning of happiness and create a fulfilled life

Align yourself to become a more well-rounded, evolved individual

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About the Author

Iqra Reza is a Dubai-based licensed and certified holistic therapist, emotional intelligence expert, lifestyle coach, and fashion entrepreneur.

Her aim is to help people live happy and fulfilled lives through holistic approaches.

Iqra is a firm believer that we can overcome any issue with the power of our mind. In her practice, she has consistently experienced this and gotten results for her clients by helping them release mental blocks that their personal journeys have created through inner child healing.