About Iqra

Certified Holistic Mental Health Therapist • Wellness Trainer
International Author • Fashion Entrepreneur • Master Coach

A story of courage against all odds

My story is that of a super mom who fought the odds to reach the position I am in today.

I got married at the age of 19 and became a mother the same year.

As a new mom, I was trying to make ends meet, constantly looking back to see if I was doing justice to my family and ticking all the right boxes.

Along the way, I lost sight of the fact that there was much more to life than just my checklist.

When my first born was 9 years old, he developed some stress related issues. No one knew why, and I was very confused by what was happening to him, but with the help of a therapist, we managed to overcome the issue together.

2-3 years later however, the same problem resurfaced. It was then that I decided to educate myself on hypnotherapy to heal my child. That was my spark.

Not only was I amazed at what I discovered about the vast potential and power of the human mind, I also never stopped going deeper and deeper into my journey of research and learning. It is a journey of learning and growth that has brought me here today: to becoming a certified holistic mental health therapist and mother to four amazing children, living in Dubai and facilitating healing all over the world for clients in different locations through remote sessions.

Having overcome many of my own personal issues with the help of what I learned and how to apply the power of the mind, it has only reinforced my firm belief in its potential.

Today, I serve as living proof that it can be a source of healing for everyone who is willing to heal themselves.

I help people release their mental blocks and reconnect with themselves so they too can live the life of fulfilment and joy they deserve.

I am also the founder of the online program “Heal. Learn. Transform.”, a certified hypnotherapy teacher approved by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) offering courses online, and a fashion entrepreneur with my own line of clothing.

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Accreditations and Qualifications

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My Designer Clothing Brand

In addition to having my therapy practice, I own a designer brand that offers a wide range of fusion and trendy cuts. I have collaborated with Noor textiles to give unstitched fabric a new dimension and style, one that reflects the beauty and abundance within a woman.

My clothing line stands for the epitome of glamour and elegance through each outfit we create.