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I help people live happy and fulfilled lives using holistic healing approaches that leverage their natural resources

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Hi, I'm Iqra.

I am a licensed and certified holistic mental health therapist, emotional intelligence expert, lifestyle coach, and fashion entrepreneur.

My aim is to help people live happy and fulfilled lives through holistic healing approaches.

I believe in fusing psychology and spirituality to show that you can heal yourself and live a life by your design, and that it’s all possible with just the power of your mind.

In my practice, I have found this to be true, as I have helped my clients overcome many issues by guiding them in working with the potential of their own minds, releasing any blocks that they have created for themselves as part of their own personal journey.

My strength in my beliefs and the effectiveness of my practice comes from the fact I am living proof that it is possible to completely transform your life with this approach. As a young mother at the age of 19, I had a challenging start early in life, but I fought and beat the odds with a holistic approach and I can show you how to do it too.

Find the magic within you

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Here's How I Can Help You

I will help you venture deep into your mind to uncover and address needs that haven’t been met as a child, and heal the attachment wounds you’ve developed that persist into adulthood

Through guided relaxation and other techniques, I will help you achieve a trance-like state and gain control over undesirable behaviours such as anxiety, insomnia, and more

Therapy based on the idea that problems sift down through generations to cause stress in the here and now – I will help you break out of familial patterns that cause suffering

About My Book

Amidst life’s chaos and unexpected turns of events, it’s easy to lose the connection we have with ourselves. Your Magical Journey is all about regaining our connection with our inner child and creating our own journey filled with happiness and prosperity.

Through my book, I help especially those who are hesitant to seek therapy to learn and understand the concept of inner child healing and guide you to self-healing childhood traumas that may have affected your adult life.

"Such a strong, powerful message that everyone needs to read and adopt. This will 100% have an impact on your life!"